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Weakest economic growth in 50 years (Bureau of Labor Statistics)


National Advertising Campaign Asks 'Can We Afford Total Republican Control Over Our Economy?'
Posted October 14, 2002 thepeoplesvoice.org

By National Desk, Political Reporter

Advertising Campaign Reminds Voters of Administration Failures

WASHINGTON, Oct. 13 /U.S. Newswire/ -- A national advertising campaign reminding voters of how the Bush Administration's managing of our nation's economy has failed miserably will be launched by Mainstreet USA on Tuesday, Oct. 15.

The television ad outlines how our economy has suffered in the past 18 months and sends the message that now is NOT the time to turn over complete control of our economic future to a Republican Senate, House and President.

"This November, voters can make a real choice about our country's economic future," said Mike Lux, president of Mainstreet USA. "We can choose to continue to watch our economy spiral downward or we can elect candidate who will ensure the checks and balances needed if our economy is to get back on track."

The television ad will run nationally over the next week.

Mainstreet USA is a nonprofit Section 527 organization whose mission is to help elect Democrats to office by doing independent activities including TV and radio issue advocacy advertising, Internet organizing and direct voter contact programs.

"This November"
TV :30

Two million jobs lost under President Bush

(Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Household income drops - first time since 1993.

(U.S. Census Bureau)

Poverty rises first time since 1992

(U.S. Census Bureau)

$5.4 trillion government surplus...gone

(Congressional Budget Office)

$500 billion in retirement funds...lost

Worst September on Wall Street since the Great Depression.

(NY Times, September 28, 2002)

Weakest economic growth in 50 years (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

This November Republicans are asking for total control - the House
and the Senate

Total control over our economic policy...

Can we afford that?


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