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Bush flatly refuses to obey the laws of the land
Posted March 15, 2002 at the thepeoplesvoice.org

by the EDITOR

On Wednesday Bush flatly refused to obey the laws of the land and divulge details of internal energy task force meetings to congressional investigators. Bush called the information "privileged" and the request "a threat to executive authority". This truly represents the height of hypocrisy. Bush's refusal to obey a congressional court order is a much greater threat to the laws of the United States and our system of government. This is a real test of our democracy. Bush prefers to conduct his dealings in secret ignoring our nation's checks and balances.

Cheney's office admits that representatives of Enron, Bush's biggest campaign contributor in the 2000 election, played a dominant role in the Governments Energy Task Force's deliberations while environmentalists were shut out. Obviously the Bush administration sold influence and control of our country to the corporations. Enron overcharged California residents billions of dollars using rolling blackouts as strong-arm tactics. When we protested, Enron pulled their Bush puppet's string and he delivered a classic corporate reverse psychology lecture. What was happening in California was only the beginning, Bush said. There would be more rolling blackouts in California and he warned that the eastern United States would also experience blackouts. Bush followed his cataclysmic news with a solemn promise not to regulate the cost of electricity in the United States. He stood firmly by the greed based principle of allowing prices to reach the limit of what the market, the people, could bear. Essentially he told the American people to shut up and pay the corporate raider utilities whatever they demanded. He, bush had no intention of intervening on behalf of the people.

The so-called Energy Task Force, headed by Mr. Cheney, produced a policy centered on oil and gas drilling and a revival of deadly dangerous nuclear power. The Nuclear power sham was used 20 years ago by republican Ronald Reigan to dupe billions of dollars out of the American people. Bush went on to explain why he was breaking the "The rule of law," saying if he released the documents it would "damage the executive branch's ability to obtain candid outside advice." Bush knows that if he rats out his criminal accomplices it will be difficult for him to find people to use in future schemes. Bush and Chainey have openly challenged the last vestiges of our independent and free government to a showdown in court. "When the GAO demands documents from us, we're not going to give them to them," Bush proclaimed at a White House news conference. "These were privileged conversations."

Never before in the history of this nation has a standing United States president ignored a request from The General Accounting Office, the investigative arm of Congress. "I have an obligation to make sure that the presidency remains robust and that the legislative branch doesn't end up running the executive branch," Bush quipped simplistically. In other words the congress of the United States is now rendered powerless to oversee the executive branch, a duty stipulated in the constitution, and Bush rules in secrecy.

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