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Where is your freedom of speech now republicans? Your appointed leader has stolen it from you. Who dares question der Furor about what he knew or when he knew it?


Bush Strong Arm Tactics To Imprison Dissenters
Posted May 26, 2002 thepeoplesvoice.org

Contributed by: DAN DVORAK

George Bush said that HE (not the Whitehouse but HE) will no longer tolerate questions of what he or the administration knew or when he knew it regarding terrorist attacks prior to 9-11. HE won't tollerate it! The arrogant ba$tard! Rumsfield, in a press release from DOD said "those who ask questions could face government charges." Bush said there is one congressional investigation, and HE will not allow any other investigations, nor will he answer any further questions!

(This stems from the Fox News and MSNBC leak of some FBI doccuments regarding warnings the Whitehouse had prior to 9-11.

Bush also said that anyone that continues to ask questions is acting UNPATRIOTICALLY, charges leveled at congressional Democrats.

Rumsfield (Bush's stooge) said that anyone who continues to ask questions (congressional commttees and media) could be charged with "giving aid and comfort to the enemy"

Is this guy out of his freekin' mind?

Lieberman and Dashel said they warned everyone about the ramifications of the USA patriot act and ensueing legislation that followed with out even reading the fine print. No one actually got to read the act before it was signed. All they got was a three page compendium from the whitehouse press office, but no one was actually given the real thing or the time to read it. They hustled it through quick, and this is what we get.

Through this legislation, Bush and co. has turned this into a truely Nazi state. He gave them the "bum's rush" by going to all members of congress, both Rep and Dem, and saying "You'll sign it, you'll sign it now, you won't take time to read it, and if you refuse to sign, we'll lable you as being unpatriotic- something which all members of congress were frightened of.

The Whitehouse threatened them to sign the bill which became the USA Patriot Act) BEFORE they read it! This at a time when 91% of the American people supported what the president was doing, although they had no idea what the president was doing. The administration is using a two-pronged attack. One prong, If you continue to ask questions you will be labeled as un-patriotic. Anyone in the media who continues to ask questions will lose whitehouse access. And if anyone wants to press it, they can be charged with a criminal act, for "giving comfort and aid to the enemy and questioning the motives and the president's decisions and his tactics in the war against terrorism..

It is possible to procecute someone who asks questions in the tremendous expansion of the war powers act that the USA Patriot Act has facilitated. This is where the the new concentration of dictatorial presidential power now lies.

I hope you are all happy with your president now! We are all in a heap of trouble now, boy! Guess it's time for another revolution.

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