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No-Collar: The Humane Workplace and Its Hidden Costs, Behind the Myth of the New Office Utopia
By: Andrew Ross

Posted May 27, 2003 

Published by (Basic Books, ISBN: 0-465-07144-9). US $27.00 / $41.50 CAN

A new book about how the New Economy of the last decade changed our expectations of the corporate work experience: No-Collar: The Humane Workplace and Its Hidden Costs, Behind the Myth of the New Office Utopia by Andrew Ross  

Work is where we spend most of our lives, so it's no wonder that creating a better workplace is a cherished goal of many companies—and more than a few of their employees.  With the dawning of the "New Economy" in the 1990s, the dot-com’s seemed to have accomplished what many earlier businesses had failed to do: create a workplace where people set their own hours, made up their own titles, and looked like they were having the times of their lives while earning a considerable sum in their paychecks.

Ross, a well-known American Studies scholar and iconoclast, spent over a year deep inside New York's Silicon Alley observing the work habits and structures of prominent companies (he also interviewed a wide range of industry employees in other cities) to find out whether or not the promises of a better work life were being kept.  Ross discovered a paradox.  As the work itself became more humane and democratic, the new structure created new worries for employees and bottomless 70-hour-plus workweeks.   

A brilliant inquiry into this dilemma at a unique moment in American history, No-Collar is the first book to shine a full light on the myths and realities of the modern workplace of the 21st century, in the context of the history of ideas about work and fulfillment.


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