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Iraq War: The Truth
By: Eric Zuesse

Posted June 4, 2004

Delphic Press, (ISBN 0-9628103-1-2) US $19.95

"Devastating... should be read by everyone." - Richard Falk, renowned authority on international law, Princeton University. 

How and why did we stumble into the Iraq quagmire? How can we depart from that quagmire, with the least damage to ourselves and to the world? This is the book that answers those questions.

Our invasion of Iraq is adding hundreds of billions of dollars to our soaring federal debt. Furthermore, America is no longer regarded with admiration around the world. To the contrary: our country has never before been held in such low esteem as now. The Pew Study of World Attitudes, released on March 18th, 2003 - at the start of the Iraq invasion - showed “U.S. Image Plummets,” sinking in Britain from 83% favorable in 1999- 2000, to 48% favorable in 2003; - in France, from 62% to 31%; in Germany, from 78% to 25%; in Italy from 75% to 34%; in Spain, from 50% to 14%; in Poland, from 86% to 50%; in Russia, from 37% to 28%; and in Turkey, from 52% to 12%. This poll plunge has continued.

The resulting global boycotts of American brands are starting to hit the bottom lines of major U.S. companies. Furthermore, on September 2nd, 2003, final agreement was announced by Germany, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg, to establish the headquarters in Belgium for a new European military alliance - without the United States. NATO's days are now numbered. The invasion of Iraq is actually destroying NATO.

Islamic terrorists, who were kept out of Iraq by Saddam Hussein and his dogmatically secular Baath party, now find their most fertile recruiting grounds in Iraq, and the ranks of suicide bombers are swelling as never before.

Iraq is in chaos, which was never previously the case. Both sides have lost this war.

IRAQ WAR: THE TRUTH is the first book that explains why this tragedy is happening, and what can be done to turn things around.

Praise for
Eric Zuesse

  • ”An in important work … Eric Zuesse’s devastating account should be read by everyone seeking to understand this catastrophe and to avoid even worse in the years ahead.” Richard Faulk, Princeton University, author of 67 books on international law.

  • ”Zuesse shows President Bush using brazen dissimulation with the help of a complicit media, and reveals the true smoking gun, a bombshell. The book packs potent information into a small space; it is fast paced investigative journalism with a historical perspective. The book’s unraveling of complex threads leads to a clear sense of the challenge confronting America and the world. Zuesse offers a broad content for understanding the Wars role in America's frightening transition from democracy into dictatorship. The work also points toward solutions, with the overall message that it's time for responsible action.” John-Peter Hopperger, international humanitarian activist on the Middle East, Chapel Hill, NC.

  • ”Zuesse is one of those rarities in American journalism in the post-September 11 era of media conformity, an independent investigative journalist, winner of the 1982 Mencken Award for the Year's Best Investigative News Report, and a historian to boot. Journalists, winner of the 1982 Mencken Award for the year’s Best Investigative News Report, and a historian to boot. Journalists tend to lack historical depth, an affliction almost as bad as not being independent, treating everything as new and not rooted in the cataclysms of the past. This makes them incapable of connecting the dots of that here and now with what has gone on before… Zuesse sees a parallel between the ideological mania that drove Hitler, and the motives behind the Bush attack on a Iraq. He documents it well.” Emad Aysha, PhD, Cairo, Egypt, from the Foreward to this book.

  • ”Zuesse confirms the methods of mass persuasion and propaganda that were utilized by government and media to turn a war-averse American public into a cheering section for the war against Iraq. This is an important book.” Nancy Snow, author of Information War and of Propaganda, Inc., and former USIA and State Department official.

  • ”A clear concise exposure of the Bush administration's bungled and cruel war.” Andrew MacKillop, Editor, The Final Energy Crisis.

  • ”A provocative challenge to reclaim international law from the lawyers.” John Strawson, lecturer in International law, University of East London.

  • ”An enormous contribution for the international community, for Humanity in one of its worst moments.” Hugo Estrella, human-rights campaigner, Cordoba, Argentina.

  • ”A revealing often shocking, expose of the real reasons for the war against Iraq. Osama is a Muslim imperialist; Bush is a Christian in imperialist. They are both imperial… The lies go far beyond those recently exposed about no WMD and no uranium purchase, and include many that have received little or no attention. Hitler’s Propaganda Minister Dr. Goebbels burbles would be proud of his pupils.” Andre Gunder Frank, Sr. Fellow, World History, Northeastern Univ., Boston.

About the Author

Eric Zuesse, winner of America's Mencken Award for investigative reporting, is the author of books on a wide range of subjects, extending from WHY the Holocaust happened: it's a religious cause and scholarly cover-up (2000), to QUALITY: How to Know It & Get It (1986). His works have been issued by Dell Publishing Co., Crown Publishing Co., The New York Times, Reason magazine, and others. He has appeared as a guest on shows including ABC TV's Nightline and CNN's The Larry King Show. Feature articles about him have also appeared in such newspapers as the New York Daily News and New York Post. Ralph Nader, writing in U.S. News & World Report cited his QUALITY as being one of its year’s five best consumer guidebooks. Mr. Zuesse has presented invited papers at symposia, and been published in scholarly journals, in academic fields as diverse as history, international relations, the general systems theory, and economics, and he has been a member of academic organizations including the Society for General Systems Research, the Eastern Economic Association, the Center for Millennial Studies, and the International Center for Integrative studies.


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