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Der Furor
By: Robert Edward Fahey

Posted July 15, 2004


Available from Llumina Press or e-mail at Toll Free Orders Line: 1-866-229-9244 (ISBN: 1-59526-250-4) USA $16.95

America is under attack. From its own government. Our nation is shattered and the planet is dying... 

Novelist Robert Edward Fahey’s disturbing political thriller, Der Furor, tears away at the Bush administration, drawing us into the lives of Americans under attack from our own government. It challenges us to stand up and take action. America in the year 2040 is plagued by racism, gritty acid air, and war you wouldn't dare touch, let alone drink. Uneducated millions are homeless and desperate. We watch our poor being herded into sweatshops and into wars fought over lies. In the world inflamed with anti-Americanism, zealots on all sides wreak their vengeance. We hear some cry out for compassion. But then watch them being silenced as un-American, assassinated, or molested in secret prisons. And we know we have to fight back. 

  • Der Furor is a passionate tale of a future when the nation's wealth is hidden in offshore accounts while the masses struggle against disease poverty and hunger to survive. Stolen elections and doctored laws have twisted the people's democracy into a violent corporate dynasty and trampled civil rights. Racial hatreds seeps through the streets as the food, air, water, even the sole of a once-great nation are poisoned.

  • Richly drawn characters come alive as alternative media are shut down and progressive activists are hunted. A new patriot act lets the government send troops against its own cities wherever acts unfriendly to D.C. and his business interests may be contemplated.

  • Der Furor is an absorbing, thought-provoking, and impassioned plea for sanity, truth, and fairness as leaders turn against citizens and the most broken and desperate citizen's rise up to become heroes.

  • Der Furor is an exciting new novel that calls out to our compassion, what charging us to stand up. – Now. - Before it’s to late.

Decades of stolen elections, Doctored. Laws, and rigid media control have twisted the People's democracy into a greedy, violent corporate dynasty, warped allies into enemies, and in flamed anti-Americanism into worldwide hatred. The government tortures dissenters in underground prisons and tramples our civil rights, as polluters destroy our air, food, and water. Cancer and misery are everywhere, education is only for the wealthy, and racial hatred, the spawn of ignorance, seeps through the streets breeding fear and bestiality among the blinded masses. As unprovoked Wars are fought over lies, religious zealots cry for vengeance on all sides. The world is in chaos. 

And still we stand by and let it happen. Aren’t there any heroes left? Could you be one?

As this story opens, a weary old couple waits for death. A priest with a shattered heart tends to the hopeless. A racist professor searches for compassion. A loving young couple tries to shield their children from the spreading savagery. Streets swarm with the homeless. True heroes, our last and only hope, will have to rise up from among common folks like these if we're ever going to take back the planet. 

Robert Edward Fahey’s thriller, Der Furor, weaves the news Washington is trying to hide into a disturbing, yet deeply touching tale of suspense as everyday Americans fight vicious evil in the future. It cries out to the compassion in all of us while moving us to stand up and be counted before it's too late. 

Authors Notes

"Inhuman policies and scenes like those in this novel unfold every day all around us. But don't expect the American news media to report on them honestly any time soon." 

Dedicated: "To a political dynasty and their administrations who offered extreme examples daily of a government that exists for no purpose other than to perpetuate corruption, and who, buy so doing, practically wrote this book for me." - Robert Fahey


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