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Cronicles of An Unjust War

By: James Carroll Author of An American Requiem and Constantine's Sword

Posted July 12, 2004 
0-8050-7703-0) USA $25.00 Canada $36.95

A devastating indictment of the Bush administration's war policies from the best selling columnist and respected moral authority

With the words “this Crusade, this war on terror,” President George W. Bush defined the purpose of his presidency. And, just as promptly, James Carroll- Boston Globe columnist, son of a general, former antiwar chaplain and activist, and recognized the voice of ethical authority- began a week-by-week argument with the administration over its actions. In powerful, passionate bulletins, Carroll dissected the president's exploitation of the nation's years, invocations of a Christian mission, and efforts to overturn America's traditional relations with other nations and with its own citizens.

Crusade, the first collection of Carroll’s searing columns, offers a comprehensive and tough-minded critique of the war on terror. From carol's first rejection of “war” as the proper response to Osama bin Laden, to his prescient verdict of failure in Iraq, to his never before published analysis of the faith based roots of current U.S. policies, this volume displays his rare insight and scope. Combining clear moral consciousness, an acute sense of history, and a real world grasp of the unforgiving demands of politics, Crusade is a compelling call for the rescue of America's noblest traditions. 

A cry from the heart, a record of protest, and a permanently relevant analysis, Carroll's worked confronts the Bush era and measures it against what America was meant to be. 

A journalistic page of glory. With unerring political as well as moral instinct, Carroll has shown that it is possible to see and understand the true nature of awful events- not only afterward, with hindsight, but even as they unfold, when it counts most.” Jonathan Schell, author of The Unconquerable World

Advance Praise For James Carroll's Crusade 

  • “The war in Iraq has been a victory of moral fervor over moral clarity. The first without the second is a curse on itself and others. James Carroll brings to bear - I hope not too late - the moral clarity we so badly need.” - Garry Wills

  • Crusade is the most compelling report and analysis that we've had yet of the Middle East conflict, especially Iraq, and all in wonderfully readable style…. Those who are uncomfortable about our commitment in Iraq as well as those who have made up their minds against it will find here both literate and compelling support.” - John Kenneth Galbraith

  • ”At a time when political writing seems like a food fight between left and right, Jim Carroll writes from a vivid moral center. He questions power and warns of the folly of conflict. His is a rare and courageous voice.” - Ellen Goodman

  • ”Devastating and deeply humanistic… Carroll's critiques of our foreign policy offer a unique combination of historical knowledge and moral perspective. For people concerned about the mixture of religion, politics, and terrorism (ours and theirs) in today's world, Carroll is the ultimate guide.” - Chalmers Johnson author of The Sorrows of Empire 

  • ”In his remarkable memoir, An American Requiem, James Carroll established himself as an eloquent critic of the immorality and madness of the Vietnam War. In Crusade, he has wedded this moral clarity to both a keen sense of history and an awareness of the enormous complexity of peacemaking. Here is a passionate and devastating critique of the folly fobbed of as ‘realism’ by the Bush administration in its ill-conceived ‘War on Terror.’” - John Dower author of Embracing Defeat, winner of the Pulitzer Prize

About the Author

James Carroll is the best selling author of the National Book Award-winning memoir An American Requiem; Constantine’s Sword, a history of Christian anti-Semitism; and 10 novels. He lectures widely on war and peace and on Jewish Christian- Moslem reconciliation. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts. 


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