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50 Ways You Can Show George the Door in 2004
By: Ben Cohen and Jason Salzman

Posted July 15, 2004, a member of the Perseus Book group (ISBN 0-8133-4282-1) USA $9.95 Canada $13.95

"Witty, creative, and timely, this book is a citizen's guide to becoming a top-notch political operative in 2004. Anyone interested in changing the direction of this country should read this book and adapt its tactics. Doing so will greatly improved our chances of sending President Bush back to Crawford." - Donna Brazile Democratic Strategist

"For everyone who is concerned about the direction this country is going in, but isn't sure what to do about it, this is the book. It's chock full of good ideas: easy, cheap, sensible and effective. What a treasure trove. I especially love the device for those who do not live in ‘swing states’ but would still like to be part of this election, too." - Molly Ivins, Syndicated columnist and author of Bushwhacked

"Ben managed to write a great book without me- but I would have added caramel swirl." - Jerry Greenfield co-founder of Ben and Jerry's

The election year is upon us, and the time is now. We've talked enough about the last four years. It is time for action, and 50 Ways YOU Can Show George the Door in 2000 is the handbook you need to get started. With the creativity and insight of well-known activists Ben Cohen and Jason Salzman, this practical guidebook explains what YOU can actually do to show George the door. Use it to translate your anger at Bush into productive action to help defeat him in the November election.
Cohen and Salzman explain:

  • Beating Bush in Swing States, Even If You Don't Live in One

  • Taking Advantage of Talk Radio, Letters to the Editor, and Blogs

  • Spreading the Word In Cafes, Bars, and Bathrooms

  • Using Your House, Car, Pet, Business, and Your Body

  • Registering People to Vote (via the Internet and Elsewhere)

  • Raising Money, and Having Fun Doing It!

If we're going to send Bush back to Texas in November you need to pitch in. This book is the place to start. 

About the Authors

BEN COHEN is co-founder of Ben and Jerry's and the president of, the online activist organization. He lives outside of Burlington, Vermont. 

A former campaign director for Greenpeace, JASON SALZMAN is president of cause communications, and author of Making the News: A Guide for Activists and Nonprofits. 


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