Saturday April 10, 2004

Newsletter #6

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Misconceptions of the "No Vote" Movement: And the Importance of Voting in 2004! April 8, 2004 By Vincent L Guarisco " I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts." - Abraham Lincoln, American president, 1861-1865. The "No Vote" movement brewing in America is not the answer!

Jews versus Zionism STIFLING IMPORTANT DEBATE April 7, 2004 By Ted Lang No area on Earth is more volatile as is the socially and politically unstable Middle East.  The on-going conflict between Arab and Jew threatens to engulf the entire world in nuclear conflict.

April 6, 2004 By Sheila Samples I often wonder what Chicago's late, great Mike Royko thinks about "Boss" Dick Cheney literally snickering up his sleeve at the direction he's managed to steer the Independent 9-11 Commission to effectively cover up what he and others in the administration knew before 9-11.

Desperately Seeking Sibel WHERE'S THE LIBERAL MEDIA? April 5, 2004 By Ted Lang Where's the "liberal" media when you really need them?  Haven't the popular talk radio shows and their anti-liberal agenda consistently offered that the media is liberal and anti-Bush?

Smoke Gets in Their Lies COMMISION'S EMISSIONS April 2, 2004 By Ted Lang Investigative reporter, Tom Flocco, on his website,, has highlighted two very disturbing aspects of the 9-11 Kean Commission proceedings.

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"our military is maimed and killed, and innocent toddlers and old folks in their homes lose their hands, feet, arms, legs and lives"

Posted April 10, 2004

By: Ted Lang

Growing mushrooms has been likened to lying and/or deliberately misinforming: keep 'em in the dark and feed 'em [the "s" word].  But this methodology is normally directed by one or a small number towards the many to cultivate and reap ignorance amongst the masses.

A perfect example of this is the 9-11 Commission.  It has only one purpose: to justify the creation of a domestic Gestapo to carry out the USA Patriot Act I/II abolition of the American people's Bill of Rights.  The Bush administration put these laws in place, and just as General Tommy Franks warned, the administration will now ensure the Sharon-style terrorism necessary to invoke them.

Dumbing-down and then terrifying the masses in order to compassionately conserve and nurture security while abolishing Americans' individual rights and freedoms is the absolute pinnacle of the mushroom cultivation method. But its most current application is actually a reversal of direction; specifically, it is a case where a small group has managed to manipulate the world's most powerful and dangerous individual - President George W. Bush.

Nixon regime cabal member, John Dean, has proclaimed that Bush is just a figurehead, and that Vice President, or president of vice, whichever works better for you, Dick Cheney and his pacemaker, is actually running as well as ruining the country.  And our ready-to-boil-over military misadventure in Iraq, engineered by the "neoconservative" Project for the New American Century [PNAC] group of Bush administration advisors that urged US into this worse-than-useless and unnecessary war, is another example of the total cluelessness of our president.

Reflecting again on Bush's now absurd grandstanding when landing on the aircraft carrier Lincoln in plain site of the San Diego skyline and proclaiming the end of the organized invasion of Iraq, his ridiculous flight suit, his bouncy walk, and is impish smirk, now stand in stark contrast to the shed blood, sweat, tears and suffering of our citizen army and regulars that have become cannon fodder for an oppressed nation seeking to be rid of brutal occupational forces.  What was gained by all this unnecessary suffering?

Ask anyone on the street what a "neocon" is and you might get a response that identifies the term as describing a new sort of screwy-shaped fluorescent light bulb.  There is nothing "neo" or "conservative" about the PNAC bunch, but they can easily be traced back to Marxist and communist origins.  And they can easily be connected to the expansionist imperialism of Israel, as exposed by the Hebrew newspaper Ha'aretz that characterized Bush's soon-to-be policy advisors of 1996 as traitors to America.  It was within this framework of treason wherein the unjust attack upon Iraq, diverting our military from Afghanistan an al-Qaeda, was legitimized and justified.  There was no reason to go after Iraq other than it was an "opportunity" to divert America's anger to serve the goals of Israel, and because it was "doable."

And in directing American might unjustly to crush the potential threat to Israel, Middle Eastern Arabs are now united as never before against the dangerous and powerful "Great Satan."  Bush has accomplished what Saddam never could, even with the latter's use of brutal force, repression and genocide.  Bush has united the Arab world against its "axis of evil:" the Zionist threat that is the United States, Israel and Britain.  Kurds, Sunni, Shiite, and al-Qaeda are now united as never before.  The brutal dictator Saddam is gone - his regime has been brought down.  But American politicians never learn; people in foreign countries prefer their own homegrown dictators to those outsiders that invade and occupy their homeland.  How does that make the people of Iraq any different from US?  Aren't we being repressed by Washington and our own clueless, warmongering, tax-gouging, corporate industrial military complex of gangsters and profiteers?

And while Iraq burns, and our military is maimed and killed, and innocent toddlers and old folks in their homes lose their hands, feet, arms, legs and lives, President George W. Bush pitches baseballs and lets everyone know that everything is just fine. 

The bodies of the four mercenaries from Blackwater, mercenaries who had earned over a $1,000 a day that were burned to death and their bodies mutilated, were just as charred and black as the babies, toddlers, women and children who were cremated alive at Waco by our FBI and military.  Perhaps if the FBI paid more attention to their jobs of serving the American people instead of feckless, corrupt politicians, less Americans would be killed in skyscrapers, airplanes, and religious compounds.


This article is © copyright 4/7/04 by: THEODORE E. LANG, political analyst and freelance writer. ( Permission is granted for reprint in print, email, blog, or web media so long as the title remains unchanged and this credit is attached.

When The Fiends Cry, "Kill!" September 8, 2004 By: Sheila Samples "As I write this, seven Marines were blown to bits in Iraq, many more wounded. The fiends responsible for this barbarity are not worthy of a single American vote. George Bush has declared the upcoming election a war for Republicans to control the hearts and minds of the American people. John Kerry, unlike Bush, has been to war, and knows Democrats cannot afford to lose this one. He knows the stakes are much higher than seizing control of American hearts and minds. It is about freeing and protecting American bodies and souls."

A Nation Compromised
September 6, 2004 By: Ted Lang Of course, there is a serious renewed international outrage against both the United States and Israel. Those who would dumb down America will simply offer the justified outrage as anti-Semitism. But something had to happen to ignite international rebuke of both America and Israel, and that something is our unjust, unconstitutional and totally unnecessary invasion and war on the people of Iraq.

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"Bush has been quoted as saying he, “likes Mexico”, and he, “likes the way things are done down there”, a country with tin shack communities, open running sewers, a minimum wage too low to buy food, health care for the richest 5% only, and a privatized Social Security system."

Social Security and Medicare Benefits Face Renewed Attack
Posted September 11, 2004

By: Schuyler Ebbets

US Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan speaking at a Federal Reserve conference held in the mountain resort of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on August 27, warned that Social Security and Medicare will face “abrupt and painful” curtailment, unless the government begins cutting benefits now!

Greenspan and those behind him refuse to reduce Bush's giant tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy and have chosen instead to launch an attack against the Social Security Trust Fund. Their intent is to remove trillions of additional dollars from the fund ultimately bringing about its collapse and privatization. 

There were many warnings posted on the Internet prior to the election of 2000 describing the republicans privatization plan for the Social Security Trust Fund. With permanent multi trillion dollar tax cuts for the rich and a never-ending terror war, the Bush administration has drained down the American peoples Social Security Trust Fund dangerously low.

Bush boldly repeated the radical right's privatization plans for Social Security during the republican convention, but he failed to mention that once privatization of Social Security begins pressure would quickly increase to complete the process. Within weeks of taking the first steps to privatize the system current retirees would see their benefits cut drastically to cover the new fees and administrative costs.

Of course, the majority of Americans are against this mind-boggling injustice, but the republicans aren't worried because they only serve the 5% at the top. The dwindling middle class is barely getting by and it's almost impossible to just simply, "save your money", as Bush recommends. Without the present Social Security system wage earners will never retire, but instead face lives of endless work and financial insecurity.

If this administration succeeds in privatizing the Social Security and Medicare Trust funds, life in Canada with it's liberal system of laws, free socialized medicine, dental care, and generous Social Security system will look quite appealing compared to a cruel corporate American hell.  

The land of the free and home of the brave is being turned into the land of the rich, home of the slave. If the American people want to keep their Social Security benefits and retire someday, they should vote Bush and his republican den of thieves out of office now while they have the chance.

If Bush wins this election his corporate gang will use the weakened financial state of Social Security as an excuse to raid the fund, moving to privatize it and hand over what's left to the Investment Banks and the Private Securities Industry.

All that differentiates America from impoverished third world countries and fascist states is the American system of laws, the constitutional rights of the people, and the Social Security system, all of which have been under constant attack by the Bush administration. 

Bush has been quoted as saying he, “likes Mexico”, and he, “likes the way things are done down there”, a country with tin shack communities, open running sewers, a minimum wage too low to buy food, health care for the richest 5% only, and a privatized Social Security system. 

Without viable Social Security and Medicare systems the pre Social Security depression era days of soup lines and tent cities will become a real possibility again. John Kerry, and the vast majority of Americans do not agree with Bush privatizing and looting the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds, and Kerry unlike Bush has promised not to cut existing benefits.


© Copyright 9/11/04 by: Schuyler Ebbets. Permission is granted for reprint in print, email, blog, or web media if this credit is attached and the title and contents remains unchanged.

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