Newsletter #3

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He “likes the way things are done down there”, a country with tin shack communities, open running sewers, a minimum wage too low to buy food...  


Their Dark New Reality 
Posted August 10, 2003

By Schuyler Ebbets

It doesn’t matter what color a person’s skin is, it doesn’t matter if they are a Palestinian or a Jew or an American, African, or Korean. All that matters is that everyone has a decent life, that all people on the earth have enough nutritious food to eat and clean water to drink, adequate housing, and appropriate work. The most important concerns for humanity should be the improvement of the quality of life for all, and the protection and preservation of the planet.

The Bush gang has proudly presented humankind with their dark new reality of ‘never ending war’. Perhaps Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was instructed to say the words, ‘never ending war’, or in this rare instance the regime has inadvertently revealed a truth. America will never know victory over terrorism through the use of violence and war. America will never kill all of the terrorists because terrorism is born of poverty and injustice. Only when the cause of terrorism is removed can the world know peace. Only when exploitation, repression, and death squads are ended can we stop terrorism. As corrupt governments continue along their greedy course, which grinds up life and the planet for profit, there will be more children who will grow up impoverished and filled with hatred and revolution. As long as the rich and their puppet politicians beat down the people and leave them but two choices, to die in abject poverty and slavery or to die fighting that system which enslaves them, there will be terrorism.

Instead of improving the quality of life on earth, men like Bush and Cheney represent a 'new world plantation order', that exploits and reduces humanity. They resist all attempts to move towards democratic systems of government which give people a voice. The privileged few continue to extract more profit and more resources from the earth and it’s inhabitants. They are oblivious to the suffering and destruction they are causing and show little concern for the future. The corporate 'right'  has given names to their unbridled greed like, ‘the free market’, 'free trade', and 'privatization'. Bush has been quoted as saying he, “likes Mexico”, and he, “likes the way things are done down there”, a country with tin shack communities, open running sewers, a minimum wage too low to buy food, health care for the richest 5%, and a privatized Social Security system. Bush cynically characterizes himself as a compassionate conservative while openly advocating policies that are profoundly cruel and wasteful.

For fifty years the American military industrial complex has used ‘communism’ to justify a giant profit driven weapons industry and the killing of millions. Now that communism is no longer a threat they have replaced it with ‘terrorism’. In the past communism might be defeated, there might be an end to it. With an Orwellian 'never ending war', the White House has shut the door on peace forever. America has become so economically dependent on war and aggression that it permeates all aspects of the society.
Greed and violence are glorified, romanticized, and marketed by the corporate power structure in a manner unparalleled. The cultural focus has become materialistic and sociopathic in nature, lacking in empathy for the suffering caused on the earth. The corporate media has effectively brainwashed the American people into believing that their competitive consumer society is the world’s model, which all countries should strive to emulate. A society based on the survival of the fittest, the fastest, the strongest, the richest, based on animal law and not a higher law of man. Their leaders refuse to participate in war crimes trials or the Kyoto agreement, further illustrating an open hostility towards humanity and the planet.

More than eight hundred million people on earth are starving. Nine million people die from hunger each year. Over one billion people worldwide are living on less than a dollar a day. In some countries clean water is more expensive than milk. In the United States, where twelve million children are living with hunger,
Americans spend 32 billion dollars on weight loss programs each year and 31 billion on pet supplies, six times the amount of money needed to end world hunger. America represents 5% of the earth’s population and consumes 60% of the resources, a level of waste that cannot be sustained and for the good of the planet should not be emulated.

With America’s technology the Bush people might have built a utopia, a model for an equitable and sustainable civilization, instead they are directing humanity towards the apocalypse. They have chosen a path of corruption, exploitation, and environmental destruction. Their unquenchable thirst for oil and a policy of 'preemptive war' constitutes not only a serious threat to the sovereignty of other nations, but a threat to the eco-system and the continued survival of life on earth.  


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