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What the US has sunk to under Bush and Cheney May 3, 2004 Even the New York Times thinks the following disgust is fit to print to foreshadow the truths behind this administration. Inside Washington knows the truths about this administration and yet allows the Congress and country to look the other way while they undermine everything this country has historically represented to render it a disgrace to the world and a third world power for the future. Read and weep. Sit complacent a little longer and you cry far harder and longer than you could have ever imagined. We print it here not only because the NY Times confirms it because it supplements the photographs released and our interpretation above of what is really going on here. Please understand why this represents CRIMES AGAINST BOTH G-D AND COUNTRY. They are taking men including those randomly picked up to put them into an environment where they are coerced to sell their hearts and souls to the vermin manipulating them. What do you think happens to those that don't cave in? Support this administration another day and quite frankly you support their crimes. If this wasn't the truth at this point of time, we would not say it to you.

The cult that's running the country
May 3, 2004 Joseph Wilson blasts the secretive neoconservative cabal that plunged America into a disastrous war, in this excerpt from his new book. I knew that my credibility would be challenged the moment I publicly stated that President Bush's statement about Saddam trying to acquire yellowcake from Niger was false.

Massacred prisoners' hands were tied
May 3, 2004 The Pentagon has made it clear that it will manage the news coming out of Afghanistan--either by direct censorship or by bombing the offices of independent news sources like Al-Jazeera. Now we know why. What just happened to hundreds of Taliban prisoners of war at a fortress outside Kunduz in northern Afghanistan would enrage and sicken anyone who cares about justice and humanity. Amnesty International on Nov. 28 called for an urgent inquiry into how the estimated 400 prisoners were killed--only a handful survived--after witnesses said they had seen about 50 bodies lying in the courtyard, their hands tied behind their backs.

US demands total impunity on war crimes May 3, 2004 By Bill Vann With the Bush administration gearing up for a “preemptive” war against Iraq, Washington this week dispatched a senior US diplomat, Marisa Lino, to Europe to demand that the governments of the European Union (EU) agree to a blanket exemption of all US citizens from the jurisdiction of the newly formed International Criminal Court.

Can A Leader Who Cannot Admit A Mistake Truly Lead? May 3, 2004 By Steve Young HOLLYWOOD ( -- I've heard so much about the 9/11 Commission being a fault-finding entity. Plenty of it to go around. But no matter where the fault lies, or who might be responsible, as one English proverb goes, "He who never makes mistakes, never makes anything."

Torture, Incorporated Let the Wall of Silence Fall May 3, 2004 By VIRGINIA TILLEY The hooded figure stands Christ-like, arms out, frozen in place by the snaking wires that he was told would kill him if his bare feet left the small box on which he is poised. Chosen for publicity because his nakedness is actually covered with some filthy rag, he is emblazoned on every newspaper in the world. Other photos are worse: a mound of naked men, obscenely intertwined for laughing torturers; leering American soldiers pointing imaginary weapons at prisoners' genitals. And those not published are even worse: men forced to simulate sex acts with each other, or to masturbate before their guards. Staring at these images, an entire aghast international community recalls dehumanizations pursued by the worst regimes in history.

Schwarzenegger pulls a Cheney; May 3, 2004 aides refuse to identify people who helped governor draft California energy plan May 3, 2004 By Jason Leopold A few days before Arnold Schwarzenegger was sworn in as the 38th governor of California last year, he stood on the steps of the capitol building in Sacramento waving a broom over his head, an obvious symbolic gesture in which Schwarzenegger promised to clean up the political mess left by his predecessor, Gray Davis.

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