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"Torah-true Jews wish to live in peace..."

Jews versus Zionism STIFLING IMPORTANT DEBATE April 7, 2004 By Ted Lang No area on Earth is more volatile as is the socially and politically unstable Middle East.  The on-going conflict between Arab and Jew threatens to engulf the entire world in nuclear conflict.  The recent terrorist activities, even in the repressive regime of Uzbekistan, and in Pakistan also, both currently allies of the United States, as well as the increasing friction between Mainland China and Taiwan, exemplify the potential hotspots all over the world.  And never mind the continuing terrorist plots uncovered here in the US as well as the UK. thepeoplesvoice.org

Report From the Real Iraq April 7, 2004 Anonymous soldier "It's like a charnal house over there. We're arresting and/or assassinating everyone who stands up to oppose us. Hundreds of villages have been turned into defacto concentration camps. It's like something out of Nazi Germany. And the casualties are much, much higher than is being reported. When I go back, I don't expect to come back alive." libertyforum.org

Exposing Bush the liar, the mass murderer, the war criminal April 7, 2004 The crude and cruel facts about what George W. Bush and his evil regime has done in Iraq, making the US troops and civilian workers hated among the people who were supposed to welcome them with open arms. We expose the lies and present the truth, based on media reports and eye witness accounts. english.pravda.ru

April 7, 2004 A Pentagon source has said up to 130 US troops have been killed in fierce fighting in Iraq. The large scale battle, described as "intense", has taken place in the town of Ar Ramadi, 20 miles west of Fallujah. Sky News' David Chater said: "None of this is official yet - none of it is confirmed." But he added: "It sounds very much like this is being carried out by men who are militarily trained." Chater described the attack as "highly sophisticated". sky.com

Iraq war becoming a quagmire April 7, 2004 By HELEN THOMAS It was supposed to be a cakewalk for the American troops invading Iraq. The Iraqis were to throw flowers as the conquerors marched in and took over their country. seattlepi.nwsource.com

No more troops to Iraq: PM April 7, 2004 Australia is unlikely to send more troops to Iraq despite fresh outbreaks of violence, Prime Minister John Howard said today. theage.com.au

Nader calls for Bush impeachment April 7, 2004 AP CHICAGO Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader called Tuesday for President Bush to be impeached for "deceiving the American people night after night after night" about U.S. involvement in Iraq. "When you plunge our country into war on a platform of fabrications and deceptions, and you bring back thousands of American soldiers who are sick, injured or dead, and that war is unconstitutionally authorized to begin with, Mr. Bush's behavior qualifies for the high crimes and misdemeanor impeachment clause of the Constitution," the 2000 Green Party presidential nominee said to applause from about 200 students at Columbia College Chicago. Nader said President Clinton was impeached for "far less of an offense." billingsgazette.com

New Report Reveals $6 Trillion in Hidden Spending in Bush Budget April 7, 2004 Who is Going to Pay for the Bush $6 Trillion Spending Spree? Widening the White House’s growing credibility gap, a new report released today by John Kerry for President reveals that President Bush has proposed or passed $6 trillion in new, unpaid initiatives during the first three years of his administration. noticias.info

Bank of America to Cut 12,500 Jobs April 7, 2004 By Jonathan Stempel Bank of America Corp., the No. 2 U.S. bank, on Monday said it plans to cut 12,500 jobs over the next two years as a result of its $48 billion purchase of FleetBoston Financial Corp. finance.myway.com

"If Royko were here today, he would convulse with laughter at the evil silliness of it all."

IF ROYKO WERE HERE April 6, 2004 By Sheila Samples I often wonder what Chicago's late, great Mike Royko thinks about "Boss" Dick Cheney literally snickering up his sleeve at the direction he's managed to steer the Independent 9-11 Commission to effectively cover up what he and others in the administration knew before 9-11. I suspect the acerbic renegade columnist would be quick to point out that the Commission is working pretty hard on its own to make Cheney's job easier. He'd probably tell us the Commission's "bipartisan" members are arguably the only group of people in this country -- maybe even the world -- who don't know exactly what this entire bunch knew -- and when they knew it. thepeoplesvoice.org

RecommendedU.S. Soldiers Contaminated With Depleted Uranium Speak Out April 6, 2004 Listen to: Segment / Show / Watch 128k stream / Watch 256k stream / Read Transcript A special investigation by Democracy Now! co-host Juan Gonzalez of the New York Daily News has found four of nine soldiers of the 442nd Military Police Company of the New York Army National Guard returning from Iraq tested positive for depleted uranium contamination. They are the first confirmed cases of inhaled depleted uranium exposure from the current Iraq conflict. After repeatedly being denied testing for depleted uranium from Army doctors, the soldiers contacted The News who paid to have them tested as part of their investigation. Testing for uranium isotopes in 24 hours' worth of urine samples can cost as much as $1,000 each. In a Democracy Now! broadcast exclusive, three of the contaminated soldiers speak out. democracynow.org

Operation Iraqi Bloodbath: US prepares reprisals against uprising April 6, 2004 By James Conachy The invasion of Iraq last year was christened “Operation Iraqi Freedom” in an attempt to deflect from the utterly predatory and criminal character of US ambitions in the Middle East. Twelve months later, as American troops prepare to close in on the Shiite youth who have taken up arms against them in Baghdad and other cities, and marines prepare reprisals against the city of Fallujah, a more apt name would be “Operation Iraqi Bloodbath.” wsws.org

I Won’t Kill For You April 6, 2004 After King George II and his court of murderous thieves steal the presidential election in November, again, the slumbering American public will awake to the fact that the reinstatement of a military draft is the only way these bastards can continue their crusade against terror. Think about it, the United States military has been in Iraq for over a year now, and there is no end in sight. Despite the recent publishing of positive letters from American soldiers in many of the Republican run corporate media outlets, the morale of American soldiers is extremely low. So far, 34 of the nearly 100,000 soldiers who have served in Iraq have committed suicide. This is triple the usual rate, and a much higher rate than any estimates during the Vietnam War. 44 percent of currently enlisted soldiers said that they do not plan to reenlist, and at this point reserves are all but dried up. The draft is not only inevitable, steps are being taken right now to guarantee that it will be fully operational by June 2005. media.humboldt.edu

The Ultimate Betrayal April 6, 2004 That was Jeremy Feldbusch, twenty-four years old, a sergeant in the Army Rangers, who was guarding a dam along the Euphrates River on April 3 when a shell exploded 100 feet away, and shrapnel tore into his face. When he came out of a coma in an Army Medical Center five weeks later, he could not see. Two weeks later, he was awarded a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star, but he still could not see. His father, sitting at his bedside, said: "Maybe God thought you had seen enough killing." duckdaotsu.org

Poll: Support Erodes for Bush on Iraq April 6, 2004 AP Bush's overall job approval is at 43 percent, a low point for his presidency, according to a poll released Monday by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press. Forty-seven percent disapprove of Bush's job performance. sunherald.com

Kennedy Compares Bush to Richard Nixon April 6, 2004 By LOLITA C. BALDOR (AP)  Iraq has become ``George Bush's Vietnam,'' Sen. Edward M. Kennedy said Monday, calling the president deceitful and for the first time comparing him to former President Nixon, who resigned in disgrace. guardian.co.uk

The Star and the Swastika April 6, 2004 by Douglas Herman Certainly, forcing families of impoverished Palestinians into internment camps may not equate with the liquidation of the Jews at the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, but how close must the similarities be before people see the parallels?  And when does heroic resistance become terrorism, or when does an uprising become an act of cultural survival? strike-the-root.com

Coalition press office packed with Republican loyalists April 6, 2004 JIM KRANE AP Critics say it's an outpost of Bush's re-election effort. Inside the marble-floored palace hall that serves as the press office of the US-led coalition, political operatives from US President George W Bush's Republican Party lead a team of Americans who promote mostly good news about Iraq. jamaicaobserver.com

Kerry accuses Bush of spending $6 trillion April 6, 2004 By Stephen Dinan Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry's campaign charged yesterday that President Bush's enacted and proposed spending will carry a $6 trillion price tag in the next decade. "As opposed to President Bush trying to claim he is fiscally responsible, he has really fiscally failed," said Sen. Jon Corzine, New Jersey Democrat and a member of the Senate Budget Committee washtimes.com

Boriska-boy from Mars April 6, 2004 Sometimes, some children are born with quite fascinating talents, unusual abilities. I was told the story of an unusual boy named Boriska from members of an expedition to the anomaly zone located in the north of the Volgograd region, most commonly referred to as "Medvedetskaya gryada". "Can you imagine, while everyone was sitting around the campfire at night, some little boy (about 7 years of age) suddenly asked everyone"s attention. Turned out, he wanted to tell them all about life on Mars... english.pravda.ru

Sibel Edmonds trying to provide input to 9-11 commission

Desperately Seeking Sibel WHERE'S THE LIBERAL MEDIA? April 5, 2004 By Ted Lang Where's the "liberal" media when you really need them?  Haven't the popular talk radio shows and their anti-liberal agenda consistently offered that the media is liberal and anti-Bush?  Aren't they consistently criticized as always serving anyone and everyone that opposes the Republican Party and its sole mission to return US to constitutional government? thepeoplesvoice.org

Rioting Across Iraq Kills Nearly 60 April 5, 2004 By HAMZA HENDAWI, AP BAGHDAD, Iraq - The top U.S. administrator in Iraq declared a radical Shiite cleric an "outlaw" Monday after his supporters rioted in Baghdad and four other cities in fighting that killed at least 52 Iraqis, eight U.S. troops and a Salvadoran soldier. http:yahoo.com

Shiite uprising erupts against US occupation of Iraq April 5, 2004 By James Conachy Seething resentment against the US-led occupation has exploded into a popular Shiite uprising in Baghdad and major cities across southern Iraq. At least seven American troops were killed and over 20 wounded in fighting last night in the eastern working class “Sadr City” suburbs of the capital. The US military used tanks and helicopter gun-ships to retake control of Baghdad police stations that had been seized by Iraqi militiamen loyal to the Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr. wsws.org

Poisoned? Shocking report reveals local troops may be victims of america's high-tech weapons April 5, 2004 Four soldiers from a New York Army National Guard company serving in Iraq are contaminated with radiation likely caused by dust from depleted uranium shells fired by U.S. troops, a Daily News investigation has found. nydailynews.com

More Jobs—But Only New Immigrant Groups Need Apply April 5, 2004 So you thought there was good news on the job front—finally? According to Friday’s announcement, slightly more than 300,000 jobs were created in March. That’s the biggest monthly rise in four years. But look again: The job gains are stunningly skewed—toward Hispanics and Asians. And a significant number of them immigrants. / vdare.com

Lies, bribes and hidden costs April 5, 2004 By Eric Boehlert Bush's Medicare quagmire -- and the striking parallels to Iraq. Last year as the Bush White House tackled overhauling Medicare and invading Iraq, it used strikingly similar political methods for both. Today the two would-be victories have morphed into mirror-like crises and scandals. Both are subjects of widening investigations. salon.com

How seas gave birth to dust bowl April 5, 2004 John Vidal In 1931 it stopped raining on the great plains of the American west and started blowing clouds of dust. Towns were engulfed, the crops withered and died, and over the next eight years at least 1bn tonnes of topsoil was blown away and 2 million desperate people fled in the greatest mass migration of US history. guardian.co.uk

A Different View of the War On Terror April 5, 2004 By Henry Makow, Ph.D. All wars are really secret attacks on humanity by the world financial elite. The "War on Terror" is no exception. The recent media warnings of terrorist attacks on trains and buses this summer can be seen in this context. The financial elite is relatively small, cowardly and furtive. It needs us to fight its battles. It needs us to destroy ourselves and to get further into debt. (This is how it enslaves us.) thetruthseeker.co.uk

Malevolent media April 5, 2004 By Bev Conover To use one of George W. Bush's favorite words, the behavior of the US corporate media has gone beyond criminal to pure evil. What else can you call them but evil when they can laugh at jokes linked to death and destruction; when they refuse to ask the hard questions about 9/11; when they express no outrage over the loss of our freedoms, the incarceration and even torture of people not charged with any crime, the absence of weapons of mass destruction the administration insisted Saddam Hussein had, the mountain of lies the Bush administration has told and keeps telling about everything onlinejournal.com

US Government Documents Show 160 Saudis Flew from the US April 5, 2004 documents obtained under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) detailing the departure of 160 subjects of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, “including but not limited to members of the House of Saud and/or members of the Bin Laden family,” between September 11, 2001 and September 15, 2001 propagandamatrix.com

The Shadow of Zog  April 5, 2004 Israel Shamir In Luc Besson's delightful film, The Fifth Element, an absolutely evil force, the Shadow, Messenger of Death, comes from Outer Space to destroy human life on our planet. It is impervious to bombs and missiles, and regardless of what people do, it closes in, and its cover ever thicker upon the earth. Yet in order to succeed the Shadow needs some human help. Who will, for personal profit, assist the satanic Shadow in his quest to destroy our Mother Earth? In the best tongue-in-cheek tradition of Swift, Besson gave the monstrous volunteer, that servant-of-profit, a scary name: Zog. israelshamir.net

U.N. cites police for being too forceful at rally Oakland police accused of violence against activists April 4, 2004 By Ian Hoffman Here's a distinction Oakland didn't need: A United Nations report lists police firing of wooden plugs and shot-filled beanbags at antiwar demonstrators last April alongside the world's worst cases of government defamation and violence against activists in 2003. In her 166-page report, Hina Jilani, a Pakistani human rights lawyer and investigator for the Geneva-based U.N. Commission on Human Rights, suggests that Oakland police used excessive force on protesters at the Port of Oakland. oaklandtribune.com

White House has final say on 9/11 report April 4, 2004 By Barbara Slavin The White House will review the text of a report examining whether the Sept. 11 attacks could have been prevented and could determine when the report will be released. usatoday.com

Sadr Urges Followers To "Terrorize Enemy" April 4, 2004 U.S.-led occupation forces killed 20 of his supporters in An-Najaf and two others during a raid on his office in Baghdad, Shiite leader Moqtada Sadr urged his followers to "terrorize the enemy" because protests have become useless. "There is no use for demonstrations, as your enemy loves to terrify and suppress opinions, and despises peoples," Sadr said in a statement distributed by his office in Kufa, south of Baghdad, reported Agence France-Presse (AFP). islam-online.net

US tanks crush Iraqi protesters April 4, 2004 At least two followers of Shiite Muslim radical leader Moqtada Sadr have been killed after throwing themselves in front of US tanks during a demonstration in central Baghdad. abc.net.au

Bush's administration is worse than Nixon's, says Watergate aide in Washington April 4, 2004 By Julian Coman John Dean, Richard Nixon's legal counsel who was jailed for his part in the Watergate scandal, has accused the Bush administration of trumping even the Nixon regime in secrecy, deception and political cynicism. telegraph.co.uk

Fallujah atrocity and the genesis of hate April 4, 2004 By Robert Fisk On Friday morning, I sat in a Baghdad home with a poor old man and his daughter who were mourning their son and brother, who was killed by American soldiers. Now, you may ask why I do not write about Fallujah and the atrocities which occurred there three days ago: the cruel and atrocious murder of four Americans who were dragged from their sports utility vehicles, burned, mutilated, dragged through the streets of that dangerous city and then hanged naked from a decaying British railway bridge over the Euphrates river. iol.co.za

Avazov tortured to death by Karimov 'the boiler', friend of Bush the 'Texacutioner'.


Uzbekistan: the next Iraq? April 3, 2004 Ali Abunimah, Chicago Tribune, When asked recently if the deaths of more than 500 U.S. service personnel in Iraq were "worth it," Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld exclaimed, "Oh, my goodness, yes." Because there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the Bush administration hopes Americans will believe that the noble goals of liberation, democracy  justify the enormous sacrifices in human life that have resulted from the Iraq war. But the administration's tight new embrace of one of the world's most repressive regimes--in Uzbekistan--shows that this is cynical at best. Uzbekistan is a Central Asian nation bordering Afghanistan. It's about the same size as Iraq and also has 25 million people. It lies in the center of a region with rich, untapped oil and gas reserves that U.S. energy companies are eager to exploit. electroniciraq.net

US jobless rate climbs to 5.7 percent in March April 3, 2004 By David Walsh The official unemployment rate in the US climbed to 5.7 percent in March, from 5.6 percent the month before. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that while the economy created 308,000 jobs, the largest one-month jump in four years, 179,000 people entered the labor force last month and 182,000 became unemployed. wsws.org

Deadly Attacks Across Iraq April 3, 2004 (CBS/AP) A suicide bomber blew up a car near a hotel in the southern city of Basra as a British military patrol passed by, killing three, 15 people were wounded, three seriously. Mortars fired at an Army base next to the Baghdad International Airport and at a Marine outpost near the Syrian border killed three U.S. soldiers. In northeastern Iraq gunmen opened fire on a minibus, killing three Iraqi journalists and wounding nine other employees of a coalition-funded TV station. Meanwhile, rescue crews called off their search for survivors of a massive suicide bombing of a hotel in Baghdad. The military had earlier said that 27 people were killed in the Baghdad bombing. cbsnews.com

Resistance takes 3 Americans prisoner April 3, 2004 Sources close to the Iraqi Resistance in al-Fallujah report that the Resistance managed to capture three US occupation troops in one of their clashes with the invader forces.  An Islamic News Agency dispatch quoted by al-‘Arab al-Yawm stated that the prisoners include one US officer and two enlisted men. mathaba.net

Iraq Downs U.S. Helicopter, Destroys 3 Tanks DOHA, April 3, 2004 (IslamOnline.net & News Agencies) - Scoring more military gains against the invading troops, Iraqi forces downed Thursday, March 27, a U.S. Apache helicopter and destroyed three American tanks and an unmanned aircraft. islamonline.net

The real lessons of Fallujah April 3, 2004 By Barry Grey History is replete with examples of occupied peoples, in the face of the systematic brutality and overwhelming military superiority of foreign invaders, giving vent to their indignation and outrage in acts of retribution. No one has less of a right to adopt a posture of moral superiority than those in the American political establishment, military brass and media who are responsible for the brutalization of an entire society, carried out for the most crass and sordid economic and political ends. The US takeover of Iraq is, in every sense, a criminal enterprise. Everything connected to it is foul and degrading. It marks one of the most shameful chapters in the history of the United States. wsws.org

Hotbed of Resistance: An Iraqi Discusses Fallujah Violence April 3, 2004 Listen to: Segment / Watch 128k stream GHAZWAN AL-MUKHTAR: This incident happened in Fallujah where two days before that, the American army shot many many people, women and children, on the streets, and --- in a bizarre shooting incident that was unjustified, killing many people. Fallujah has been a place where the US Army has actually used brutal force to suppress the people there, including using the F-15s, and F-16s to attack villages. democracynow.org

Getting Worse It's not just a 'spike' or an 'uptick' in violence April 3, 2004 by Robert Fisk marine vehicle blown off the road near Fallujah, a marine killed, a second attack with small-arms fire on the same troops, an attack on an Iraqi paramilitary recruiting station on the 14th July Road, a soldier killed near Ramadi, two Britons hurt in Basra violence, a suicide bombing against the home of the Hillah police chief, an Iraqi shot at a checkpoint, US soldiers wounded in Mosul ... All this was just 17 hours before Fallujah civilians dragged the cremated remains of a Westerner through the streets of their city. zmag.org

Two Police Chiefs Killed in 24 Hours in Iraq April 3, 2004 By Fiona O'Brien BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Gunmen killed a police chief in Baghdad on Saturday, the second to be shot dead in 24 hours and the latest in a growing list of security officers killed by insurgents who target anyone linked to Iraq's occupiers. reuters.com

The Weapons of American Terrorism: April 3, 2004 Cluster bombs are one of the most savage and inhumane weapons in the arsenal of the United States Corporate Mafia Government and military. These instruments of bloody terror are used for the gruesome slaughter of both military and civilian people around the world. Each cluster bomb is composed of 200 to 700 bomblets. When each bomblet explodes it fragments into about 300 pieces of jagged steel — sending out virtual blizzards of deadly shrapnel. People are decapitated, arms, legs, hands and feet are severed from their bodies — anyone and anything alive in the immediate vicinity is shredded into a bloody mess. freespeech.org

Broken US troops face bigger enemy at home April 3, 2004 Suzanne Goldenberg A stretched Pentagon is sending unfit soldiers back to Iraq long before they are ready to serve again. All Jason Gunn ever wanted was to be a soldier. He put on the uniform three days after high school graduation, and served six years with distinction. But in the last real conversation he had with his mother he swore he would never go back to Iraq. The army specialist came within inches of death last November 15, when the Humvee he was driving hit a roadside bomb, killing his sergeant. The entire left side of Gunn's body was splattered with shrapnel, his elbow was shattered and, as he lay in the US military hospital bed in Germany, he was tortured by nightmares. guardian.co.uk

Powell Expresses Doubts About Basis for Iraqi Weapons Claim April 3, 2004 By Glenn Kessler Secretary of State Colin L. Powell voiced new doubt yesterday on the administration's assertions of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, saying the description in his U.N. presentation of mobilen biological weapons laboratories appears to have been based on faulty sources. washingtonpost.com

Ex-Bush National Security Council Member: How Bush Bungled The War on Terror April 3, 2004 Listen to: Segment / Watch 128k stream A year after resigning from the National Security Council, Flynt Leverett talks about how Bush pulled U.S. special forces from the hunt for Osama in March 2002 to focus on Iraq, how the U.S. lost Syria as a source on intelligence on Al Qaeda and the role of Elliot Abrams in shaping the country's Middle East policy. We also talk to Col. Patrick Long (Ret.), former head of the Middle East section of the Defense Intelligence Agency. [includes rush transcript democracynow.org

'I saw papers that show US knew al-Qa'ida would attack cities with aeroplanes' April 3, 2004 By Andrew Buncombe Whistleblower the White House wants to silence speaks to The Independent A former translator for the FBI with top-secret security clearance says she has provided information to the panel investigating the 11 September attacks which proves senior officials knew of al-Qa'ida's plans to attack the US with aircraft months before the strikes happened. news.independent

Bush Administration Steals Money from Tortured American POW's April 3, 2004 Dr. Dennis Cuddy On Nov. 23, CBS' "60 Minutes" aired a segment on American POWs tortured during the first Gulf War who had recently been awarded by a court nearly $1 billion from frozen Iraqi assets in the United States. The amazing part of this story is that the Bush administration took those assets and sent them to Iraq for reconstruction, thus denying the tortured POWs the court award. propagandamatrix.com

A Dossier on Civilian Victims of United States' Aerial Bombing of Afghanistan: A Comprehensive Accounting April 3, 2004 When U.S. warplanes strafed [with AC-130 gunships] the farming village of Chowkar-Karez, 25 miles north of Kandahar on October 22-23rd,killing at least 93 civilians, a Pentagon official said, "the people there are dead because we wanted them dead." The reason? They sympathized with the Taliban. When asked about the Chowkar incident, Rumsfeld replied, "I cannot deal with that particular village." cursor.org

Americas trade plan 'dead' -Venezuela's Chavez April 3, 2004 (Reuters) CARACAS, Venezuela - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Friday a U.S. plan to create a Free Trade Area of the Americas was "dead" after the suspension of scheduled talks on the project he fiercely opposes. "It's a fact, the FTAA is dead," Chavez said during a ceremony to mark the signing of planned economic projects in Venezuela involving Chinese and Portuguese companies. "Rest in peace, thank God, it's for the good of our people," the left-wing Venezuelan leader said. He has long condemned the hemisphere-wide trade plan as an "imperialist" plot to extend U.S. domination across Latin America. forbes.com

E-Voting Don't Count Un-RECOUNTABLE Votes April 3, 2004 By Rob Kall It's that simple when it comes to electronic or e-voting. If you can't re-count it, don't count it in the first place. Voting is a process integral to democracy. Any invention or experiment that attempts to toy with or experiment with such a basic component of democracy is straight out, totally, purely, completely unacceptable. The threats of electronic voting have been widely discussed. opednews.com

Products Worldwide Made by Falun Gong Slave Labor April 3, 2004 The Chinese "reform through labor" camps have become privatized. They are small enterprises that sign contracts with big companies and export products to overseas shopping malls. It is a place where torturers get rich, and where Falun Gong practitioners slave to pay for the purchase of the electric batons that will shock them if they slow down. These are places where persecution drives profit. These are places where sleep and food deprivation, filth, stench, beatings, heat, cold, and toxic odors are daily routines. clearwisdom.net

Former mine safety official says Bush administration covered up Kentucky slurry spill April 3, 2004 W.Va. (AP) The former head of a federal mine safety school alleges that Bush administration appointees halted an investigation of a coal mine sludge spill that polluted about 100 miles of creeks and rivers along the Kentucky-West Virginia state line. sfgate.com

RecommendedBenson's Economic & Market Trends The financial markets are leveraged for a crash April 3, 2004 The only question is when? The financial press has been noticing that the small investor is still putting massive sums of cash into stock mutual funds, while corporate insiders are, on average, selling like crazy. The average investor, who benefited from increased stock prices through January 2004, is just like the major hedge funds who are sitting on "pins and needles". They have one finger on the buy button and another finger on the sell button and are ready to jump one way or the other at a moment's notice. gold-eagle.com

Speculators send silver and gold soaring April 3, 2004 By Kevin Morrison Silver prices rose on Thursday to a 16½-year high, driven by speculators who also helped push gold prices near to a 15½-year peak. news.ft.com

Kean's oil company continued a corporate relationship with an oil company backed by Osama bin Laden's brother-in-law, a past financial benefactor of George W. Bush.

Smoke Gets in Their Lies COMMISION'S EMISSIONS April 2, 2004 By Ted Lang Investigative reporter, Tom Flocco, on his website, TomFlocco.com, has highlighted two very disturbing aspects of the 9-11 Kean Commission proceedings.  First, Flocco in a March 24th release identifies a former FBI employee, a translator fluent in Farsi and Turkish languages, as having been intimidated and threatened with imprisonment by both the FBI and the Department of Justice for attempting to help the 9-11 commission. thepeoplesvoice.org

Iraqi Resistance Sources: US Lost More Than 20 Soldiers In Fallujah April 2, 2004 Iraqi Sources close to the Resistance in al-Fallujah report that the toll of dead US aggressors killed in the fighting in and around that town from last Thursday and Friday, 25 and 26 March 2004 exceeded 20 dead. The sources told QudsPress on Monday that during the battles of al-Fallujah, the Resistance was able to destroy eight US tanks and six Humvees. jihadunspun.com

As death toll mounts, Americans change views on Bush, war April 2, 2004 Leo Diaz, a young Marine from Texas based here at Camp Pendleton, went to Iraq full of faith in the president who sent him. Today, he is burdened by the horror of what he saw and shocked at Bush's "frat boy" mentality in starting the war. kentucky.com

White House withholding Clinton files April 2, 2004 THOUSANDS of pages of documents outlining the Clinton administration's efforts to counter al-Qaeda have not been turned over by the White House to the 9/11 commission. The independent commission investigating the September 11 attacks has called on the Bush administration to explain why the foreign policy and counter-terrorism documents have been withheld, according to a report in The New York Times. townsvillebulletin.news.com

Condoleezza Crimes April 2, 2004 The esteemed Dr. Rice revealed that she is as stupid as anyone in the White House – with the possible exception of George.Although the 9/11 Commission will not lay a glove on her, Condoleezza Rice is finished as a Black political asset of the White Man’s (War) Party. Colin Powell, a much smarter and cagier opportunist, will likely escape this administration still clutching his devalued aura, having hoarded some small measure of political capital for himself. This is not true for Condoleezza Rice. Her complete and abject identification with her master leaves Rice with nothing of her own to claim. blackcommentator.com

Condi Rice's other wake-up call April 2, 2004 Former Sen. Gary Hart says he, too, warned Rice about an imminent terror attack on two occasions before 9/11. salon.com

Bush Hits Workers with Chemical Weapons April 2, 2004 By CHRIS FLOYD A warning to readers: this column is obscene. It relates details of an act so depraved that young children should not be exposed to it; even adults will be debased by the contact. The characters described herein exhibit all the human enlightenment and moral engagement of monkeys idly scratching their groins on a hot day at the zoo. Last November, in one of the innumerable, unnoticed little corruptions that belch forth daily, even hourly, from the geyser of graft that is the Bush Administration, the man who calls himself the president decided that some of the lowliest laborers in America should be left to sicken or die from forced exposure to filthy rags dripping with toxic waste. Why? Because their bosses paid him money. counterpunch.org

Whistleblower the White House wants to silence speaks April 2, 2004 By Andrew Buncombe 'I saw papers that show US knew al-Qa'ida would attack cities with aeroplanes'  A former translator for the FBI with top-secret security clearance says she has provided information to the panel investigating the 11 September attacks which proves senior officials knew of al-Qa'ida's plans to attack the US with aircraft months before the strikes happened. independent.co.uk

USA In "Financial Anguish" April 2, 2004 By Sherman H. Skolnick In a telephone interview, Skolnick shared his insights on the U.S. economic situation. Forget most mainstream financial commentators, Skolnick advises. They may be nice-enough people, but they are not too smart. "Prosperity is just around the corner," is their drumbeat. But what the average person doesn't realize is that that phrase, "prosperity is just around the corner," originated with President Herbert Hoover and was followed by years of economic depression "It can't happen here, not in the USA," is the implicit faith of many. Yet in Skolnick's own solidly working-class neighborhood there is "an epidemic of home foreclosures." "Where do these people go when they lose their homes?" Skolnick asked. "What becomes of them?" shout.net

US TV Avoids Graphic Iraq Images April 2, 2004 Seen Worldwide Contrast the way the US media avoids broadcasting images of recent killings in Falluja, with its treatment of the killing of Saddam's two sons. Images of the mangled remains of Uday and Qusay were broadcast from coast to coast and around the world, thereby underlining the end of Saddam's power. Admittedly these photos from Falluja are gruesome but the US media is being very selective in how it applies its professed standards. And there is a marked difference in how it treated images of the remains of Saddam's two sons to these photos. In the end analysis, the media has become a weapon of war, a psychological weapon to control populations in warring nations, shaping and conditioning their perception of the conflict. thetruthseeker.co.uk

Iraq: the DU dust settlesApril 2, 2004 Following the US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, the incidence of radioactive contamination on Iraqi territory is being linked to the use of depleted uranium (DU) in munitions used by Coalition forces. JID's weapons specialist reviews the continuing political fall-out for Washington and its allies. DU has created controversy since it was used in the 1991 Gulf War. Activists and veterans' groups blame US weapons containing DU as the prime cause of 'Gulf War syndrome', an elusive combination of maladies that has affected more than 50,000 US veterans. Iraqi medical authorities also claim that increases in child cancers and birth defects were caused by DU contamination from tank battles on farmland west of Basra. janes.com

US officials threaten Latin America April 2, 2004 This week, US officials insisted in previous allegations about Cuba's alleged weapons of mass destruction program.Quoting baseless reports, Bush administration says Cuba may hide weapons of mass destruction; Venezuela may aid terrorists in the Caribbean island of St. Margarite; Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay may hold a terrorist sanctuary on their triple border and are a source of instability due to their "left wing populist rhetoric". english.pravda.ru

The Pentagon Plan to Provoke Terrorist Attacks April 2, 2004 by CHRIS FLOYD This column stands foursquare with the Honorable Donald H. Rumsfeld, U.S. Secretary of Defense, when he warns that there will be more terrorist attacks against the American people and civilization at large. We know, as does the Honorable Donald H. Rumsfeld, U.S. Secretary of Defense, that this statement is an incontrovertible fact, a matter of scientific certainty. And how can we and the Honorable Donald H. Rumsfeld, U.S. Secretary of Defense, be so sure that there will be more terrorist attacks against the American people and civilization at large? Because these attacks will be instigated at the order of the Honorable Donald H. Rumsfeld, U.S. Secretary of Defense. counterpunch.org

Demand for beef speeds destruction of Amazon forest April 2, 2004 John Vidal Europe's demand for beef made last year one of the worst ever for Amazonian deforestation, according to an international research report which quotes Brazilian government figures due to be released soon. Last year satellite pictures showed that almost 10,000 square miles of the world's largest continuous forest was lost, 40% more than in the previous year. GUARDIAN.CO.UK

Bush - Nazi Dealings Continued Until 1951"

The German Connection THE PROFITS OF WAR April 1, 2004 By Ted Lang It's not only a rock-solid fact - it is absolutely terrifying!  Previous comparisons to the present-day political environment of the United States of America and that of 1933-1934 pre-war Germany wax similar by the day.  The stark comparisons between competing forms of socialism - National Socialism or Nazism and international socialism, identified as communism - continue to struggle for control of America. thepeoplesvoice.org

If Kerry Wins, Bush And His Advisors Know That They Are Vulnerable To Potential Prison Terms April 1, 2004 A BUZZFLASH EDITORIAL As Americans are burned and desecrated by "liberated" Iraqis, revelations about the Bush administration's "slash and burn" campaign against patriot Richard Clarke continue to emerge. The Washington Post revealed that White House Legal Counsel Alberto Gonzales [LINK] placed calls to some Republican members of the 9/11 Commission before they tried to discredit Clarke buzzflash.com

Condoleeza's Nonsense About Democracy April 1, 2004 By John Chuckman Condoleezza Rice wants to bring democracy to the Middle East. Ms. Rice, an expert on what is now an obsolete subject, the Soviet Union, believes this can be done the way the United States brought democracy to Chile or Iran or Afghanistan - that is, by violently overthrowing governments. rense.com

Why OPEC Is Cutting Its Production
April 1, 2004 Sam Hamod Many have asked why OPEC is cutting its production when the price is already over OPEC’s projected market design price. This has caused consternation in the Bush administration, upset Kerry and allegedly puzzled many American financial analysts who think the price is already too high for America’s and the world’s economies. The answer is simple: the OPEC countries are tired of Bush and his administration trying to tell them how to run their countries—from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait to Venezuela—they are all tired of Bush trying to be the dictator and government framer of the world. informationclearinghouse.info

There Are No Words ... Radiation in Iraq Equals 250,000 Nagasaki Bombs
April 1, 2004 By Bob Nichols The uranium cannot be removed, there is no treatment, there is no cure. The uranium will long outlast the Veterans' and the Iraqis' bodies though; for, you see, it lasts virtually forever. dissidentvoice.org

White House blocks Medicare testimony
April 1, 2004
KNIGHT RIDDER Aide cannot speak about benefit's cost.Citing executive privilege, the White House refused to allow President Bush's chief health-policy adviser, Douglas Badger, to testify today before the House Ways and Means Committee about early administration estimates that the new Medicare prescription-drug benefit would be far more costly than many lawmakers thought when they voted for it. tallahassee.com

Tax cuts boost joblessness, encourage outsourcing
April 1, 2004 By THEODORE SETO What exactly did the Bush tax acts do to create this problem? They granted an enormous tax cut to big business in the form of "bonus depreciation." Under bonus depreciation, the more corporations spend on equipment, the less tax they have to pay on the same economic income. And that's exactly what they've been doing. Business spending on equipment has skyrocketed, corporate tax collections have plummeted and no one's being hired. ajc.com

Pay soars for Wall Street CEOs
April 1, 2004 By Jamie Chapman While over two million US workers received pink slips last year, Wall Street chief executives treated themselves to some of their fattest pay packages ever. Leading the pack was Citigroup’s Sanford Weill, who was paid $44.6 million—$122,000 a day wsws.org

Creepier than Nixon April 1, 2004 By David Talbot The man who brought down Richard Nixon says Bush and "co-president" Cheney are an even greater threat to the country. salon.com

More Killings, Death Threats and Closure of Paper Deepen Iraq Media Crisis April 1, 2004 Report, IFJ More media deaths in Iraq - seven killings that bring the toll since the war began a year ago to close to 40 - and death threats to reporters working for international media have sparked new calls for international solidarity with journalists in Iraq. The International Federation of Journalists today said journalists' safety was an "urgent priority" and warned the occupation authorities against actions that "smack of censorship" and further weaken the Iraqi media community. electroniciraq.net

Dead Americans mutilated and dragged through Fallujah streets April 1, 2004 By James Conachy In ugly scenes captured by television cameras, crowds of Iraqi men hacked apart and lynched the bodies of four Americans killed yesterday in the restive city of Fallujah. According to witnesses interviewed by Associated Press (AP), a convoy of three unmarked civilian SUVs was ambushed as it travelled along a Fallujah street. Iraqi resistance fighters threw hand grenades into two of the vehicles and raked them with machine gun fire, setting them ablaze and killing the four men inside. wsws.org

Kean’s pre-9/11 oil links to bin Laden’s brother-in-law April 1, 2004 (TomFlocco.com) Were severed just prior to appointment and FBI translator’s letter and calls to chairman charging security and espionage breaches were unanswered for a year. Kean may yet have to explain why his oil company board of directors continued to maintain a corporate relationship with an oil company backed by Osama bin Laden’s brother-in-law, who was reported to be a past financial benefactor of George W. Bush. / tomflocco.com



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