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Republican Zealotry October 28, 2001 Taking ideological consistency to an absurd extreme, House Republican leaders are putting their aversion to "big government" ahead of the nation's security needs. Dick Armey, Tom DeLay and other conservative congressmen are standing firm against aviation security legislation that has already been approved unanimously by the Senate. The House leaders oppose the creation of a federal airport security force, and in their fierce opposition to anything that would increase the rolls of government employees, they have been blocking passage of legislation that is desperately needed both to protect air passengers and to revive the airline and tourism industries. nytimes.com

Economy needs careful guidance 10/28/2001 By Thomas Oliphant Washington as many Americans know from nine similar occasions since World War II, there are recessions and then there are Recessions. The former happen. The latter are for the most part made to happen by derelict or inept governments that manage to transform one of the inevitabilities of economic life in a free society into a longer, deeper event causing damage that takes years to repair. But the fact remains that the economy's decline is not yet precipitate and could easily be short-lived. So far, however, the Bush administration and Congress appear to be doing exactly what will cause a big ''R'' recession. boston.com

Iran Says U.S. Paying for Giving Anthrax to Iraq October 26 8:37 AM ET TEHRAN (Reuters) Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, chief adviser to Iran's supreme leader, said on Friday the United States was paying the price for supplying anthrax to Iraq, which fought a bitter war with the Islamic Republic in the 1980s. ``They knew anthrax was not a conventional weapon of war, but they supplied it to Iraq ... Now anthrax which they themselves sent to this region is back to haunt them,'' Rafsanjani told worshippers gathered for weekly prayers at Tehran University. yahoo.com

Critics Call White House Bush League October 25, 200 By THOMAS M. DeFRANK Daily News Washington Bureau Chief For the first time since Sept. 11, the Bush high command is being criticized for its handling of the terror crisis — and many of the complaints are coming from Bush partisans worried about an appearance of confusion and drift. Bush's conduct of the Afghan war continues to earn high marks, even from top Democrats. But several administration officials and other Bush sources grumble that the White House has bungled the anthrax crisis with a mishmash of confusion, mixed messages and grudging disclosure."We look like we don't have our act together," one key Bush source grumped. "The impression is being left we may not know what we're doing." nydailynews.com

Squelching the News in Democracy's Name Oct. 24, 2001 Mark Crispin Miller The Bush administration's efforts to control the news with the broadcast media's willing collaboration -- may be more dangerous to American democracy than any terrorist. By When the White House, via National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, "requested" recently that the networks not air any future unedited videos of Usama bin Ladin, that tacit order met largely with a frightening silence. America's elected representatives voiced no complaint about this effort to black out discomfiting news, and -- far worse -- the broadcast media's top managers sank quickly to their knees. While some newspapers did editorialize against it, that blunt stroke of intimidation moved the broadcast media's bosses mainly to salute the power that had just muscled them. motherjones.com

First, brand all the children Cyber-liberties swept away by tidal wave of security concerns Oct. 24 By Brock N. Meeks MSNBC WASHINGTON,  — Anthrax, Afghanistan, al-Qaida, Ashcroft and anti-terrorism legislation. We aren’t even through the first letter of the geopolitical alphabet before jumping all the way to “S” as in “screwed” as in what’s happening to civil liberties in the online world.msnbc.com

Bin Laden family to end ties to Carlyle OCTOBER 23 2001 FROM CHRIS AYRES IN NEW YORK THE family of Osama bin Laden is close to ending its relationship with the Carlyle Group, the US investment group backed by George Bush Snr, the former President, and John Major, the former Prime Minister. It is understood that Carlyle Group and the Saudi Binladin Group, the Middle Eastern conglomerate owned by the family of bin Laden, have decided to part company by “mutual consent”. thetimes.co.uk

The Soul of Democracy October 16, 2001 Bill Moyers The soul of democracy the essence of the word itself, is government of, by, and for the people. And the soul of democracy has been dying, drowning in a rising tide of big money contributed by a narrow, unrepresentative elite that has betrayed the faith of citizens in self-government. grannyd.com/moyers.htm

''Misunderestimated"? 10/4/01 Ellen Goodman "When President Bush told CIA workers that the enemy not only ''underestimated'' America, they ''misunderestimated the will and determination of the commander in chief, too,'' not a word was whispered. When he uttered his favorite malaprop three times in three sentences, not a titter was heard. The ''mis'' take was edited from the CNN transcript. It was dropped from the excerpts in most newspapers. It appeared in a rather gentle piece in The Washington Post suggesting that things are back to normal when the president is back to mangling his words.



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